Fuzzy Tarantula Cupcakes ✷クモさんのカップケーキ

These furry-looking critters will be sure to add a touch of Halloween scariness and a spoonful of cuteness to your dessert table this Halloween. Hide them between candles and cobwebs to provide a spooky, chocolaty scare, or change up the flavours and colours to create a whole family of tarantulas.

Ingredients: Makes 6 cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes
For the Buttercream:
★ Unsalted butter, softened
1 cup
★ Dark chocolate, melted and cooled
1 cup
★ Milk
1 1/2 tablespoons
★ Vanilla extract
3/4 teaspoon
★ Confectioner's sugar
2 cups
★ Cocoa powder
1/2 cup
For the Decorations:
☆ Red M&M’s
☆ Black licorice strings (or any thin, candy straws)
☆ Chocolate sprinkles
as needed


1. To make the buttercream, cream the butter in a bowl, and then add the chocolate with the mixer on low speed. Mix in the milk, vanilla extract, confectioners’ sugar and cocoa powder, being careful not to over mix.
2. To decorate the cupcakes, ice the cupcakes with plenty of buttercream, creating a very round shape.
3. Quickly dunk the cupcakes into a bowl containing the chocolate sprinkles, coating the entire surface of the buttercream. Shape the top of the cupcake with your hand if necessary, to round out the sprinkle-coated icing.
4. Decorate the spider with the red M&M’s as eyes, and the licorice strings as legs.

Story Behind this Recipe

I really hate spiders, but when turned into cupcakes they actually became quite cute ^_^