CatBus Cake from Totoro

This CatBus cake from the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbour Totoro is sure to add a whimsical touch to any party! ❤

Ingredients: makes 1 cake

Pound cakes (any flavour)
8 tablespoons
Pound cakes (any flavour)
8 tablespoons
Confectioner's sugar
3 cups
6 teaspoons
Doughnut holes (timbits)
Red jelly beans
Slivered almonds
as needed
Brown, yellow and black food colouring
as needed


1. For the icing: Sift the icing sugar and mix together with the butter with a spoon. Add the milk a tablespoon at a time until the icing becomes thick, like a paste or the consistency of soft cream cheese.
2. Assembling the CatBus: Cut the ends off of one of the loaves by cuting about a 5-6 centimeter slice from one end, and a 1-2 centimeter slice from the other.
3. Use the 5-6 centimeter thick slice as the cat’s head, and cut it into a circular shape. With the remaining scraps of cake, use two triangle-shaped pieces of cake as the ears, reshaping as necessary.
4. With the second, unused loaf, cut it in half and use one half for the tail. Cut that half into a crescent shape, and continue shaping it until it fits nicely against the body of the catbus, which is the loaf used in step 1.
5. Line up the donut holes (timbits) along the sides of the catbus as legs, and secure these as well as the tail, head and ears to the body with toothpicks.
6. Even the sides of the catbus’ body by cutting a thin slice (about 1 cm) of cake from each side of the loaf. Then cut the top edges of the body, giving the body a smoother-looking shape.
7. How to Decorate the CatBus: Divide the icing into two bowls, and then take a small amount of icing and divide that into three more small bowls. With food colouring, colour the icing in the bigger bowls a brown and a light yellow colour. Colour the icing in the smaller bowls black and a bright yellow, and leave the third bowl of icing white.
8. With a small, round tip piping tip, draw the eyes of the catbus onto the cat’s face, using the bright yellow icing. Using the same icing tip and the white icing in the smaller bowl, pipe the cat’s smile onto the cake. With the black icing, pipe the details of the smile and eyes.
9. For the toenails, stick three almond slivers into the base of each doughnut hole.
10. Next, using a star tip icing tip, pipe on the fur of the catbus using the brown and light yellow icing in the big bowls. It is helpful to look at a picture of the catbus while doing this, to achieve a similar fur pattern. Tip: This kind of icing dries quite quickly, so be sure to place the red jelly beans for the bus sign and nose right after you pipe the icing onto that area.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought that making a cake of the popular CatBus would be really cute.