About Us

Whenever you feel like having tasty Japanese food in London, New York, or another major city, Washoku.Guide is the site to visit.

If you feel like eating out, you can find out what kind of seasonal dishes you can get at the moment at the Japanese restaurant in your neighborhood.
Or if you want to cook Japanese food at home, there will be 20,000 recipes for popular home-cooked dishes at your disposal in English.

There will even be tips on how to choose your utensils and ingredients, where to buy them, and some helpful cooking basics. For those wanting a more in-depth understanding of Japanese food, there will be information on local cooking classes and events available.

We are looking for guest contributors

Washoku.Guide is committed to supporting the dissemination of information on Japanese food for chefs, cooking experts, companies, and other organizations around the world who are working to promote Japanese culture through food.

We offer free English translation, editing, and publication services for data provided to us in Japanese. Each month, we will publish hundreds of news pieces on the website and further distribute information through social networking services, smartphone news apps, and local media sources.

Devoted to helping people eat, make, and learn more about tasty Japanese food anywhere in the world, we hope to become the best media channel for Japanese food culture.

Please contact us via facebook if you are passionate about Japanese food, and have an idea worth spreading on this website.

About the company

Cookpad is the largest cooking recipe sharing community in Japan with 50 million monthly unique users, including 80% of all Japanese women in their 20s and 30s.

Our 2 million recipes are created by passionate home chefs. The most of recipes on this website were selected and translated from the world’s largest collection.

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